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Preparing Your Car For Transport

Although most cars that are moved by a vehicle transport company are not damaged, some are. You can minimize your chances of having your car damaged by following a few simple rules.

First, it is important to know that the vehicle transportation company cannot transport your car if it has personal belongings in it. You may leave the spare tire and jack in the trunk, but nothing else. The auto transport company will also not transport a vehicle that is not in working order.

Before you ship your car, you should wash it and document its condition, both interior and exterior. You will need to remove all custom products, all removable after-market devices like video and DVD systems, GPS systems and detachable CD players. Specialty items like fog lights or spoilers should also be removed. Your toll tags or electronic systems must be removed or they could be charged as the car is transported across the country.

Your car battery must be fully charged. If your battery dies en route, you may be charged additional fees for the work the transport company will have to do to push your car off their carrier.

Your fluids should be full, but your gas tank should be at ¼ full.

Your car should not be transported if it has any leaks; get those taken care of first.

If your car has any mechanical problems the movers will need to know to move your car, write these down and give them to your driver.

Before your car is loaded onto the carrier, make sure your side mirrors are folded back and antennas are retracted, if possible. If your car is a convertible, it would be a god idea to cover the roof with a tarp to prevent damage. Make sure the tarp is securely fastened. Disengage your car’s alarm or provide your driver with detailed alarm instructions. Remember, someone from your transport company will have to drive your car on and off the carrier.

You must leave your car’s registration in the glove compartment, but nothing else.

Make sure you are present for the initial and final inspections, with your photos, to assess your car’s final condition. Bring a spare set of your keys, just in case the keys you gave the transport company are misplaced.